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Are you looking for a double bed but can’t afford an expensive one? You don’t need to worry because there are many options for cheap double beds, and you can choose one from them. Many people think expensive means high-quality for every piece of furniture but it’s not true you can get a high-quality piece of furniture at a low price as well. 

You just have to pay attention to some essential tips and tricks before buying anything. Let me tell you these awesome and helpful tricks so you can buy a double bed at a very affordable price. So, I’m gonna list 6 steps with a brief explanation for you to understand.

6 Easy Steps to Buy a Cheap and Durable Double Bed

I have spent a large amount of time in search of some easy steps following which you can find a very cheap and durable double bed. You can follow these steps if you want to buy a new double bed for your bedroom or if you want to replace it with a new, modern, and unique double bed.

Now let’s move toward our first step.

Measure the Size of the Mattress

You have to find a suitable store for yourself from where you can buy your double bed. After entering in store you can follow this step if you already have a double bed and you want to replace it with a new one. 

First, you have to measure the size of the mattress you already have. After the measurement, you have to check the size of the double bed you want to choose from. If they match then congratulations you have done a great job as this bed is now suitable for you with respect to your mattress. But you have to understand the type of double bed you’re going to choose. The design of a double bed also matters in your bedroom decoration.

Now let’s go toward our second step. 

Measure the Size of the Room

Measuring the size of the bedroom while buying a double bed is the most important step as a bed is the largest piece of furniture in any bedroom and if you choose an oversized bed for the room then there will be no place to put any other thing. 

There are many ways to measure the size of a bed you just have to measure the required bed size and then compare it with your bedroom space and vice versa. A right-sized bed plays a very important role in bedroom decoration as you can arrange the decoration pieces in the space which is not occupied by your bed.

If you want to buy a double bed but you already have a small bedroom that you won’t be left with extra space to store your other piece stuff then I’ll suggest you buy a double bed with storage drawers. This double bed will offer you a fine space for you to store your stuff. 

The third step you have to follow while purchasing a durable double bed is given below.

Choose Between a Platform Bed and a Box Spring

You may get confused while choosing a double bed. Because you have two options to buy a double bed. You can choose a platform bed or a box spring bed. Each bed has its own specialties a box spring bed has a box spring to support the mattress while the platform bed is the affordable one. 

A platform bed doesn’t need a box spring it only takes a mattress to arrange and become a comfortable and durable bed for your bedroom. You can add a box spring to your platform bed as well if you want your bed to be a little higher from the ground. 

If you want a luxury and cozy double bed for your bedroom then a box spring bed is one for you. This bed will provide a beautiful and comfortable box spring that can enhance the beauty of your bedroom.

Consider the Height and Bulkiness of the Bed

If you want to have a canopy bed then you should consider the height and bulkiness of the bed as it is the most important factor to consider. You should measure your room’s height correctly as this bed requires a high sealing due to its tallness in height.

If you want a buky bed then you should measure the room more precisely. You can buy a sleigh bed or a bed frame-headboard if you like a bulky bed frame. Some double bed frames provide you with a headboard bookshelf as well so you can store your books or other stuff in it. 

You have to consider the fact that the bed you have bought for your bedroom have assemble or disassembled many times in your bed’s lifetime so make a wise decision when choosing a double bed.

Match Your Own Decorating Style

When buying your double bed your should be careful. You should always buy a double bed which can be used in both cold and warm decorating styles. You should buy a double bed which is suitable for heavy blankets and cozy decoration and also a suite with a thin fleece blanket and ventilated room design. 

The color of your double bed also matters in decoration you should buy a wooden bed which is suitable for all seasons. The polish of your double bed should be of wooden color, cream, or gray as these are some of the most used double bed colors.

Now you are almost at the end of this guide let’s take a look at the last step.

Double Bed for Guest Rooms and Kids’ Rooms

The double beds in your rooms should be casual ones but you have to buy some safe double bed designs for your kid’s room and a unique design double bed for your guest room. A bed is a focal point of any bedroom it can show your decorating style and design sense.

Your guest room is a place that put the deepest impression of you on your guest so it should be decorated and well-settled. You should put a daybed in your guest room as too many things can make it a little uncomfortable for your guests. 

In your kid’s room, you can add a safe bed that is not too much height from the ground. A car bed or bunk bed is a great option to choose for your kid’s room. 

I hope these tips will help you to find a high-quality and durable double bed. Now let me give you some double bed products as an example of cheap double beds.

Double Row Nail Head Upholstered Platform Bed

As the name shows, this is a platform bed and you can choose this double bed if you want an affordable double bed with high quality. It is a simple yet modern and stylish design of a double bed and you can choose it for your bedroom and your child’s room.

This is a sturdy double bed and easy to assemble. You can simply add a mattress to it and it is ready to use. This double bed will give a comfortable sleep at an affordable price. I suggest you buy a double bed like this as it is the best option for a normal bedroom to grooming.

Let me show you a customer review of this double bed frame:

“This bed frame is good quality, especially for the price! Fairly easy assembly building it myself, and although I did have some trouble putting the side boards together with the headboard, eventually I got it right. I also had to screw in holes from scratch for the wooden plank’s resting space which was pretty difficult for me, but other than that the instructions were easy to follow and I love that the screws came with extras. Took about 4-5 hours to build but that’s mostly because I didn’t have an extra pair of hands helping me. “

As you can see that the customers are very happy with the purchase of this double bed. Now let’s move to another cheap double bed.

Twin Size Bed Frame Metal Platform

This is our second product of the most affordable double bed. This double bed is also a frame so you have to buy a separate mattress for it. But after you complete this double bed you are going to have a durable and cheap double bed for your bedroom. Its charming look will add a warm and comfy feeling to your bedroom.

This is a sturdy and strong frame you can buy it from any online store or you can visit a store as well.

Many people buy this double bed and have the most satisfying feeling about it let me share a customer review with you. 

“It was so easy to install and it is sturdy but modern at the same time. I wanted a good-quality metal frame that is reasonably priced. This is exactly what it is. For a small room where I cannot afford to kill space with a bulky headboard and footboard, it is a great fit. It is elegant and enhances the appearance of the room. “

And I am pretty sure now you have no doubt about this double bed frame’s quality. 


In today’s time, everything is so expensive for a normal person to afford. But sometimes there are some basic things we have to buy at any cost like a bed for a bedroom. A bed cost too much if you feel the price of a bed is expensive for you to handle then you probably want to know about a cheap bed.

A comfortable bed is a double bed and if you are one of those people who want a cheap double bed then this is a post for you to read. In this post, I have listed a buying guide and by following the tips you read in this guide you can find a durable and beautiful double bed for your bedroom.

And on top of everything I have done explained all the information of double bed you need to know and also listed 2 products with their customer reviews. I hope this article will help you to find a cheap double bed for your bedroom.

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