Double bed Dimensions

The dimensions of a bed can determine how much space is required for it. If your room is not much big then a double bed is a perfect option for you. You can use the dimension of your room and double it to do a good set of your bedroom.

A bed is a must-have piece of furniture for every home. Now the type of bed always depends on the requirements of the owner or the space required for it. We have many types of beds in the market named as single beds, double beds, king-size beds, queen-size beds, and bunk beds. Customers have plenty of options to choose from but still double beds are the only beds in the market which is purchased by many people as compared to any other bed.

Double beds are the most useful beds due to their perfect size, this bed is not too small and not too big it is a perfect piece of furniture. It is perfect for two people to sleep on. But still, it is not perfect for everyone as two fat people can’t sleep on it. Because if they do they’re gonna be uncomfortable as this bed is not designed to provide enough space for two fat people to sleep but normal people can easily sleep on it. 

In this post, we are going to cover double bed dimensions so read the complete article to know the dimension of a double bed.

What are double bed dimensions?

Firstly, full-sized beds, double-sized beds, and standard-sized beds are all the same size, measuring approximately 78 inches wide by 72 inches long. There is a reason why we say approximately since every manufacturer is different and the sizes can differ slightly. A quarter of an inch here, a half-quarter of an inch there. Here at Saim Furniture Factory, our double bed measurements are 78 x 72 inches. These are the dimension of double beds which is suitable for each bedroom.

You can put our unique double-sized bed in your bedroom and your kid’s bedroom as well. But you have to make sure one thing while arranging a double bed in your room which is taking care of dimensions. If you want your room to look neater and more arranged you should take care of your sizing during decoration. To groom your room we have many unique designs of a double bed and I hope you will like them.

Double bed Designs

A beautiful design of a double bed can give put life to your room. We provide you with the unique and the most demanding designs of double in the market. Let’s start with a low-profile black double bed which is available at a very reasonable price you can find it at our store as well. 

The second design of the double bed we have is a simple style wooden double bed. This double bed is made of high-quality wood and gets ready by our experienced staff members who manage to keep it perfect for our customers. 

The next one is a modern style full poshish double bed this double bed gives your room a modern, unique and luxurious look it is definitely a good option to choose. 

And we have beautiful boxes designed double beds which give a decent look to your room and the last one is a king-size double bed

Our double beds are available in different colors with a completely suitable look so, you should buy one beautiful double bed for your beautiful bedroom.


Did you ever think about it that why our elders always say to arrange or replace anything with a suitable one? It is because only a suitable replacement can enhance the beauty of your arrangement. The same goes for our bedroom if we didn’t decorate it with suitable furniture then it won’t look beautiful or decent. 

The most important piece of furniture for every bedroom is its bed which turns a simple room into a bedroom. So, it has to be perfect to give a perfect look. If you have questioned how a bed can be perfect then I have an answer for you which is to put a bed in your room according to the space you have in your room. A double bed is a perfect type of bed for any room you can choose this bed but make sure you know its dimensions. Are the dimensions of a double bed important? Yes, they are important because a suitable size double bed won’t create a mess in your room or won’t be too small for your room as well. So before buying any double bed make sure to buy one with perfect dimensions for your bedroom

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