Double Bed Set

Introducing the perfect Double Bed Set

 for a time in life when you are ready to spend more of your energy on the inside than what appears outside. Your twenties and thirties should be about discovering who you are, not hiding or trying to fit into someone else’s mold. And with this Bed Set from Best Bedding Store – we’ve got just what you need!

Spacious roomy living: On top of everything else, adjustable overhead lighting allows different settings such as reading, watching television without getting too warm (or cold), and pivoting around is also easy because all our beds are comfortable.

It’s a big day. You’re getting married and you want it all to be as perfect as can be. Nothing says “I’m forever yours” like an ornate, luxurious double bed set. The Double Bed Set includes everything: Headboard, Footboard, Side tables, Dressing tablelovingly handcrafted and waiting patiently to bring peace back into your bedroom at home.

We have the largest selection:

The largest selection of Bed Sets to choose from. Whether you want a full bed, king-size bed, or queen-size bed for your home, we can cover it all! The double bed sets price start at just ₨45,000.00 PER SET*. And don’t worry about forgetting any furniture — our Double Bed Set includes a single bed also with MDF and Commercial Sheet.

Qty :


Size 78*72 Inches  king size

Size 78*66 Inches  Queen

Material:  Wood + Comershal Sheet + Mdf Sheet



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